Train smarter, not harder.

Fun and effective training for runners and triathletes.


The right fit for your specific needs

Launchpad profiles you to build a training plan that aligns with your current ability and goals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned competitor, you’ll be doing exactly what you need to at all times.

Quality over quantity

Our time and heart rate based approach to training ensures maximum return on time invested, giving you more time and energy to do other things you’re passionate about.

Validated by science

Launchpad’s training logic is constantly evolving and is validated by over 8,000 tests on real world athletes in the Journey Fitness Lab.


Personalized training plans are just the beginning…


Changing minds, changing bodies.

Become a better self managed athlete by understanding your body and the training that you’re doing so that you’re in the drivers seat and in control.


Motivation and accountability.

In Launchpad, there is no need to go it alone. Our team and our coaches are here to support you each step of the way and work with you through any challenges that you may face.


The big picture.

Race well consistently by carefully planning your season with the help of experienced coaches. Replace over racing, over training and under performing with a strategy that works.


Make it count.

There is a ton of information available about how to train, which can be overwhelming and confusing. With Launchpad, there is no need to guess, you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it, making each session count.


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